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General Research Interests

Wu laboratory combines neuroscience and systems-based approaches involving functional assays, genomics and bioinformaticsto unravel gene transcription and regulatory mechanisms. One major focus of our group is investigating glia cells and neural stem cell differentiation and developing effective and safe treatment for spinal cord injury and neurodegenerative diseases. We are studying gene expression and the regulation of transcription factors and regulatory RNAs using cutting-edge technologies including single cell RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and ChIP-Seq etc. combined with functional tests. These studies are crucial in understanding the molecular mechanism of neural differentiation and its clinical implications. Our goal is to identify and modulate key regulators as therapeutic targets to promote the differentiation of stem cell and glial progenitor cells into desired neural cell types, and to increase transplantation safety.

Research Projects

  • Characterize molecular mechanisms and identify therapeutic targets for spinal cord injury and neurodegenerative disease
  • Investigate gene expression and regulatory mechanisms and pinpoint key transcription factors and regulatory RNAs
  • Modulate key regulators to steer the direction of stem/progenitor cell differentiation and improve efficiency
  • Analysis of global network integration of multiple types of omic data
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