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  • Happy Holidays from the Office of the President at UTHealth Houston
  • Our commitment to addressing neurological disorders
  • Understanding the brain requires an in-depth knowledge of its components. Advanced single-cell sequencing technologies are enabling researchers to explore the secrets of this complex and mysterious organ in unprecedented detail.
  • Dr. Wu receives NIH R01 grant renewal
  • Research on reactive astrocytes published in Cell Reports
  • Study finds why some cancer drugs may be ineffective
  • Our paper is published in Cell Reports and the white paper on reactive astrocyte is published in Nature Neuroscience!
  • Dr. Wu receives NIH R21 award
  • Dr. Wu receives Mission Connect funding - A Program of the TIRR Foundation
  • Drs. Ribelayga and Wu received R21 as co-PIs
  • Congratulations! Raquel will start her assistant professor position at Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Raquel Cuevas Diaz Duran is interviewed by Univison about our SCI research
  • Spinal cord study uncovers molecular barriers to healing
  • Dr. Darabi and Dr. Wu received NIH R21 award
  • Scientists discover clues to neurological diseases in uncharted area of genome
  • Drs. Dessauer and Walters received NINDS R01 award. Jiaqian is the co-investigator
  • Drs. Ribelayga and Wu received UT System Seed Grant as co-PIs
  • Dr. Wu received R01 award from NIH/NINDS
  • Drs. Ribelayga and Wu received UTHSC Brain Initiative fund as co-PIs
  • Paper published on the Journal of Neuroscience- An RNA-Seq transcriptome and splicing database of neurons, glia and vascular cells of the cerebral cortex
  • International Society for Stem Cell Research Member Spotlight on Jiaqian Wu, PhD
  • Received grant award from Mission Connect -a program of TIRR Foundation
  • Published acute spinal cord injury paper on Plos One
  • Received the Senator Lloyd & B.A. Bentsen Stroke Grant Award
  • Researchers Make Progress Toward Single-Cell Sequencing, Though Key Hurdles Remain
  • Wide Variety of Genetic Splicing in Embryonic Stem Cells Identified
  • Stanford Team Combines Sequencers to Detail Transcriptome Changes in Neural Cell Differentiation
  • Scientists first to identify wide variety of genetic splicing in embryonic stem cells
  • Wide Variety of Genetic Splicing Found in Embryonic Stem Cells
  • July 30, 2011

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